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About Golf-Ed.

Golf-Ed. was started with one goal in mind: To help golfers improve their game quickly and effectively. The Golf-Ed. teaching method was developed by Dave Stanley, a PGM graduate from Methodist University in NC. Golf-Ed. is based on the premise that the quickest and most effective way to learn golf is through virtual instruction. Golf-Ed. is different from other online golf instruction programs because it uses cutting-edge technology to provide its users with concrete visuals of their swings. The Guru Video Directory is an enhancement to the teaching program that allows users to develop a complete golf game through our video library.

Golfers are always looking for the golden tip or drill that will take their game to the next level.  They search the internet, books, magazines, and utilize advice from other golfers. The problem with this approach is getting conflicting philosophies from different sources.  The Guru Video Directory fixes this approach by housing videos from one source that covers all facets of the game.  In addition, the member has direct access to the source of the information.  If there is an aspect of the game of golf that you have a question about or at a sticking point in your swing, just send us a note. We can make a video for you to help you through and we will add it to our library.  Additionally, you can send us your swing for an analysis (virtual lesson).

Why do a Golf-Ed. Swing Analysis (Virtual lesson)?

A better question might be, why in person lessons?  During an in person lesson, most of the information that a seasoned golf instructor will communicate has been figured out with just a few swings.  The rest of the lesson is the golfer experimenting with creating the feel of achieving the prescribed change.  A good instructor knows not to overwhelm the golfer with information. 
With a Swing Analysis, in the manner that Golf-Ed. gives them, the information is clear and concise.  Complete with drills to create the feel you need to become proficient in the new motion.  All this is accomplished in your own time and at a fraction of the cost of in person.  You will also have access to the lessons and drills that you received. That way, you can make sure you are making the necessary changes to fix your swing and game.

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